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Congratulations! You have made the first critical step on your path to becoming a published author. CKC Global Publishing is here to help you along your journey. We promise to make publishing easier, faster, and more profitable. When you publish using print and digital editions of your book, you dramatically increase your ability to reach global markets.

The process of getting a book to market is daunting for an author, but we will make that process simpler for you by managing all of the details and complexities of production, distribution and sales – from delivery of manuscripts to providing social networking and promotional capabilities – and ultimately providing worldwide distribution.

Our team of experts provides you with the quality products, innovative solutions and cost-effective services. The experts at CKC Global Publishing have relationships with e-tailers, bricks & mortar retailers, and libraries. Let us make sure your book reaches the broadest audience in the format the reader wants!

Publishing has changed and so have the reading habits of consumers. That’s why we publish your book in Print, ePub, iBook, Kindle, and Nook as part of our core offering. We can also produce your book in other reader formats as well as audiobook. We will make sure that your books are available globally – both online and off. You can be assured that CKC Global Publishing provides comprehensive distribution, anywhere books are sold!

Are you ready to get started? All you need to do is complete the form below so we can learn more about your book. Our experienced publishing consultant will be in touch with you after reviewing your submission. Let’s get started now!

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