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The power of your voice is second to none when communicating with the world. You can begin with teleseminars or webinars, but your ultimate goal should always be to speak in front of a live audience. When people see you in person, experience your passion, and learn from your message, they are ready to do business with you.

Carol and Ken are skilled speakers on the U.S. and global stage – in front of audiences as large as 10,000.  Explore their most popular keynote topics which will educate, inspire and motivate your audience. Custom programs are available.



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Carol's Most Popular Keynotes

LinkedIn Isn’t about Luck

The power of your network is at your fingertips but only if you tap the keys. Every business professional needs to network to establish their name, open new doors, and achieve their goals. You can do it the old-fashioned way or the smart new way using LinkedIn. Seize the simple secrets you apply in just minutes a day to produce explosive results.

Bridge to Generation Communication

Today’s workplace is populated by the most expansive generation gap in history. But you can bridge the divide with technology. Whether you grew up with a transistor radio or an iPad in the crib you are part of the solution. Uncover the formula for improved communication in the digital world by mastering social media and mobile tools to close the gap forever.

Your Power Lies in Your Personal Brand

Everyone has a digital footprint and every post, comment or share magnifies what people perceive as your personal brand. But is that perception the real you? Is it helping or hurting your reputation? Uncover the secrets of how your online and offline delivery will amplify or diminish the power of your personal brand.

Dream Big – Act Smart – And Succeed

The target market you want to reach may not be in your community or even your country. We live in a global world and there is an international community of people looking for you and your expertise right now. Discover how speaking, publishing and broadcasting will anchor yourself as the authority in your field. Then bring that new business home using the power of social media.

Presentations by Ken Herron

The Perfect Post:

From email to blogs to social, how to make your content marketing CONVERT!


Ken Herron on Mobile and Social Media StrategyMobile + Social: Multi-Channel Marketing and Branding 

The 8 Secrets You Need to Know to Win with Mobile


Ken Herron Presents a Birds-Eye View of MarketingFrom 50,000 to 5 Feet

A Birds-Eye View of Your Marketing




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